Explore Exeter

Head into the county’s capital & explore roman remains, a colossal Cathedral, and amazing quayside – all 30 minutes from our door

1. Exeter Custom House Visitor Centre Guided Tours
The Exeter Custom House is a historic building on the Quayside. Check if they offer free guided tours in 2024 to explore its maritime history, architecture, and the surrounding area.
Website & more information here

2. Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM)
While the main museum is free to enter, RAMM occasionally offers free guided tours. Explore a diverse range of exhibits, including art, natural history, and world cultures.
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3. Exeter’s Historic Quayside
Join a free guided tour of Exeter’s Historic Quayside to learn about the city’s maritime past, the canal, and the unique architecture of the area.
Exeter City Council

4. Exeter Cathedral Tours
While there may be a fee for certain tours, Exeter Cathedral often provides free access to the cathedral and its grounds. Check if there are free guided tours available in 2024 to learn about the cathedral’s history and architecture.
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5. Exeter Phoenix
Exeter Phoenix is a vibrant arts venue that occasionally offers free exhibitions and tours. Check their schedule for 2024 to see if there are any free guided tours available.
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