National Trust not to be missed!

National Trust member? The South West is packed with cultural & historical wonders including houses, villages, castles & more. Our top 5 list below includes those closest to us, with the postcode for your Sat Nav & estimated journey times.

1. Killerton House and Gardens
– Distance from Sidmouth: Approximately 17 miles (35-40 minutes drive)
– Postcode: EX5 3LE
– Description: Explore the elegant Georgian mansion of Killerton House, surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland. The estate features a chapel, historic costume collection, and acres of grounds to discover.

2. A La Ronde
– Distance from Sidmouth: Approximately 9 miles (20-25 minutes drive)
– Postcode: EX8 5BD
– Description: A La Ronde is a unique 18th-century circular house with panoramic views of the Exe Estuary. Marvel at its quirky architecture and enjoy the shell-lined interior. The gardens provide a delightful stroll.

3. Knightshayes Court
– Distance from Sidmouth: Approximately 12 miles (25-30 minutes drive)
– Postcode: EX16 7RG
– Description: Explore the Victorian country house of Knightshayes Court, renowned for its stunning gardens, woodland, and impressive architecture. Discover the intriguing history within its walls.

4. The Old Bakery
– Distance from Sidmouth: Approximately 9 miles (20-25 minutes drive)
– Postcode: EX5 1DH
– Description: The Old Bakery is a charming 16th-century thatched cottage in Branscombe, showcasing traditional village life. Explore its rustic interiors and learn about the history of this quaint National Trust property.

5. Combe Wood and the Mausoleum
– Distance from Sidmouth: Approximately 10 miles (25-30 minutes drive)
– Postcode: EX14 3AD
– Description: Wander through Combe Wood and discover the Gothic-style mausoleum nestled within. Enjoy the serenity of this tranquil woodland area, which is part of the National Trust’s East Devon AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).